News Archive: August, 2018

28 Aug, 2018

US-Mexico trade deal means business as usual in Borderplex region, leaders say

The tentative, revised free-trade agreement between the United States and Mexico isn't expected to change trade-related manufacturing and logistics along the U.S.-Mexico border, and it helps erase trade uncertainty that has been causing companies and inves
27 Aug, 2018

Reaction to Monday’s NAFTA Deal

The following are comments from local, state and national leaders, and groups regarding Monday morning’s North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) preliminary agreement.
27 Aug, 2018

New U.S.-Mexico trade deal good news for borderland, local economic experts say

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - The Trump administration and Mexico have reached a preliminary decision to end the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and replace it with a deal that could be more beneficial to the U.S.
27 Aug, 2018

NM border leaders optimistic about trade breakthrough

Business leaders along the New Mexico border are relieved and optimistic after President Trump announced the U.S. and Mexico had reached “an understanding” to create a trade pact to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement.
20 Aug, 2018

A Big Takeaway From the U.S.-Mexico Border Summit

No one knows how the NAFTA renegotiations will shake out. U.S. Rep. Will Hurd left me some much-needed perspective: The relationship between our countries is deeper and stronger than these two leaders. We’re neighbors and cousins after all.
18 Aug, 2018

Borderplex Leaders Discuss Trade and Diplomacy at El Paso Border Summit

James Jones said leaders in Washington D.C. should join the Borderplex in recognizing the value of trade to the region. "We have a shared future together and the sooner we start acting that way as a country, the better that future will be,” O’Rourke said.
16 Aug, 2018

Texas, Mexico and the reality of economic partnership

The facts and statistics demonstrate how a trade war, withdrawal from NAFTA or ceased collaboration would impact the growing economies of communities like El Paso as well as Texas as a whole.
15 Aug, 2018

Viene Ernesto Zedillo a “Cumbre de la Frontera México-Estados Unidos 2018”

“Las cosas pueden cambiar si las personas afectadas por las políticas gubernamentales hablan”, dijo el ex mandatario nacional Zedillo, originario de la ciudad fronteriza mexicana de Mexicali.
15 Aug, 2018

U.S.-Mexico Border Summit Kicks Off in Downtown El Paso

U.S.-Mexico Border Summit Kicks Off in Downtown El Paso
15 Aug, 2018


En representación del presidente municipal Armando Cabada Alvídrez, el secretario del Ayuntamiento, Roberto Rentería Manqueros acudió al U.S.- México border Summit 2018, que se llevó a cabo este día en el Centro Cívico de la ciudad de El Paso, Texas.
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