CONREDES: Developing a workforce across international borders

A vibrant regional economy depends on a skilled workforce ready to take on 21st-century jobs. That’s why we are engaged in workforce development initiatives such as CONREDES. CONREDES aligns workforce development efforts between the private and academic sectors in Cd. Juárez. The partners in CONREDES represent 88 percent of the student population in higher education and 30 percent of the manufacturing workforce in Cd. Juárez.

Particularly, CONREDES has four programmatic focus areas:

  1. Industrial Site Visits
    The goal of the industrial site visits is to take local university students to manufacturing plants so they can see firsthand the operations of each plant. During the visit, the students receive presentations on different topics related to soft skills development. The site visits help students expand their knowledge of the different industries sectors present in the city and the diverse manufacturing processes.
  2. Internships
    All of the companies that participate in CONREDES commit to providing internships opportunities for the students at the five universities. Each company is responsible for structuring the internship in a way that gives students the ability to problem-solve, learn a mix of soft and hard skills, and get mentorship from leaders within these companies.
  3. Curriculum Alignment
    The goal is to align curricula to demands from the manufacturing sector at a more efficient and effective pace thereby assuring growing industry trends in the area. It’s also to provide similar education opportunities for students in all universities.
  4. Research and Development
    The Research and Development Committee’s goal is to identify opportunities in joint collaboration projects with PhDs and the manufacturing sector, and influence innovation through diverse teaching initiatives.