Our Region

A rich culture is woven through the Borderplex, and the ability to experience a different country and a different perspective to life requires only a walk or drive across the border. Not only does that provide incoming businesses and employees a more interesting daily life, but the protected hereditary genetics also helped attract a Texas Tech medical school to El Paso and provide a significant opportunity for clinical testing, adaptive medical research and responsive bicultural product and media testing.

The area has been building a healthy bilingual, binational community for more than 400 years. The result is one of the largest bicultural drawing points in North America. The pull was strong enough to lure the Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine into El Paso, based in large part on the opportunity to study the genetic impact on diseases in an area where families have remained together for generations and where large household populations still exist. The medical school also has research focused on Hispanic health.

The colorful and cooperative binational, bicultural, bilingual personality of the area is one of the region’s strongest assets. It helps bind the region together with a unique and valuable character. The variety of cultures in the area – Western American, Hispanic and Native American – and a long and colorful history, provide the potential for much greater leveraging of tourist activities. The large bilingual population also affords advantages for attracting additional international companies.