Resources for Business

By drawing upon the extensive expertise and resources these entities have to offer - which can directly benefit your analysis of our region as a potential business location. The Borderplex Alliance provides a wide range of professional services including:


The Borderplex Alliance provides the most current business information on such items as business climate, labor force, quality of life, infrastructure, workforce training options, taxation, regulation, and many other issues relevant to placing an operation in Texas, New Mexico, or Mexico.  Most information can be provided in both electronic and hard copy format.

Industrial Briefings and Orientations

The Borderplex Alliance provides a variety of briefings and orientations, to provide companies and consultants with current information on doing business in our region.

Industrial Tours and Itinerary Development

When a company decides to visit our region to investigate the potential of locating here, The Borderplex Alliance will work with you to develop specific meetings and briefings to meet the unique requirements of your project. Our organization will plan coordinate and accompany you during the entire visit (in Mexico and in the U.S.).

Access to Business Consultants

The Borderplex Alliance can arrange initial no-fee consultations with a diverse range of professionals licensed to practice in the United States and Mexico — including attorneys, custom brokers, bankers, CPAs, and other business-related experts.

Access to Government Decision Makers

Our organization has developed solid working relationships with government leaders both in the U.S. and Mexico that can have an impact on the successful implementation of your operation, and can gain ready access to these leaders at the local, state, and federal level.

Site Selection Analysis

The Borderplex Alliance can quickly obtain and provide customized proposals for existing buildings, build-to-suit facilities, and available land sites.

Supplier Assistance

The Borderplex Alliance arranges contact with local vendors, suppliers and contract manufacturers who have the ability to provide component parts and/or support services for your business.

Assistance to Site Location Consultants and Brokers

The Borderplex Alliance assists site consultants, tenant rep firms, industrial realtors and others with research and itinerary development to support the needs of their clients. These leads will not be shared with other consultants.