As the fourth-largest manufacturing center on the continent, the Borderplex region is home to a highly skilled and adept workforce, business-friendly taxes and incentives, and industry giants in manufacturing, automotive, biomedical, clean technologies, defense/homeland security and high tech electronics.

The Borderplex offers a low cost of living, high quality of life, and resources to move business forward. The distinct advantage of being a strategically located hub between three states and two nations is an attractive asset for industry.

The interest in the Borderplex by new industries is hardly surprising. One of the largest international markets in North America, with a population of more than 2.4 million, the region has unique economic advantages, backed by the varied assets of two countries and three states. The region has a lot to offer new industries. It is:

  • Ideally situated at a key location on the largest international border in the world
  • A top trade location for North America, with $48.1 billion of maquila exports, surpassing giant Tijuana in foreign purchases from maquilas
  • The number one border area in terms of post-secondary education, with five top universities
  • The only border area that can lay claim to three medical schools
  • Number one in border regions for university R&D expenditures
  • The highest college student population by workforce per capita of any border region
  • The second largest manufacturing employment center on the Mexico/U.S. border
  • One of the largest binational, bilingual communities in the world