Moving to the Borderplex

If you’re interested in moving to El Paso, Las Cruces and Doña Ana County, or Cd. Juárez, we have information to help you better understand the landscape of our region. And when you’re ready to call the Borderplex home, we have resources to help you find the perfect home or apartment to fit your budget and lifestyle.

El Paso

Homes for Sale

Whether you’re in the market for a house in a new subdivision, a historic home in an established neighborhood, or a condo just a short distance from Downtown, El Paso has options to fit a variety of preferences and budgets. You can browse options from throughout the city using the links below.

Apartments and Houses for Rent

Apartments in El Paso range from lofts in the heart of Downtown to historic buildings in inner-ring neighborhoods to modern apartment complexes with a range of amenities. El Paso also offers a wide range of homes for rent in the neighborhoods of your choice. To help you find an apartment or home that fits your budget and lifestyle, you can browse units by clicking on the links below.



Located in the heart of the city, Downtown is El Paso’s original neighborhood. Downtown El Paso dates back to the city’s founding in the late 1800’s and today is emerging as a thriving urban community. The area is home to many of the city’s premier cultural and entertainment offerings, as well as some of El Paso’s most desirable office space. A growing residential scene in El Paso’s Downtown is bringing a variety of living options. New construction, ranging from hotels and apartment buildings to the revival of the El Paso Streetcar, promises to continue transforming Downtown into a 24-hour urban center.


Central El Paso is home to some of the city’s most historic neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods in this area, such as the Five Points district, are currently experiencing an urban revival as new stores and restaurants open and historic homes are restored to their former glory. Central El Paso is also the hub of El Paso’s shared border with Mexico. Many Central El Paso neighborhoods, including Segundo Barrio and Chihuahuita, are home to a rich Mexican-American history and culture. Additionally, the area is the site of three international bridges that link El Paso to Cd. Juárez, its southern neighbor.

West Central

West Central El Paso is located immediately northwest of Downtown. It is home to the University of Texas-El Paso, the historic Sunset Heights neighborhood, the Montecillo smart growth community, and a range of other residential and commercial districts. West Central El Paso’s established neighborhoods, a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, and proximity to Downtown make it a desirable area for families, young professionals, and students.  


Situated northwest of Downtown, West El Paso contains a variety of El Paso’s premier neighborhoods. With a territory that runs from the foothills of the Franklin Mountains to the Rio Grande, residences in West El Paso can include sweeping views at higher elevations and lush gardens at lower elevations. West El Paso is also known for its excellent public schools and growing diversity of shopping and entertainment options.


Northeast El Paso is located east of the Franklin Mountains and north of Downtown and Central El Paso. The area’s close proximity to Fort Bliss makes it a convenient location for residents who commute to the Army base regularly. Its high percentage of military families help make Northeast El Paso one of the city’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods.


East El Paso is in the middle of an exciting transformation. Currently one of El Paso’s fastest growing areas, East El Paso is home to a rapidly expanding array of residential neighborhoods, commercial centers, and entertainment destinations. The Fountains at Farah and Cielo Vista Mall, two of the city’s largest shopping and dining destinations, and the El Paso International Airport, are located in East El Paso.

Mission Valley

The Mission Valley, also known as the Lower Valley, is an area of El Paso located in the southeastern part of the city. Settlement in the area dates back to the 17th century when present-day Texas was under the rule of Nueva España (New Spain). The Mission Valley is named for the three Spanish missions that are located in the area and provide links to the area’s rich history. Today, the area features a mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial property.

El Paso Suburbs

Outside the city limits, a number of growing communities offer a combination of space, seclusion, and affordable prices. The El Paso suburbs are also home to an increasing diversity of stores, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

El Paso remains one of the most affordable major cities in the U.S. The city’s affordable cost of living compares favorably to many of our neighbors in the Southwest and to other cities across the country.  

Southern New Mexico

Homes for Sale

Las Cruces and its surrounding communities offer a considerable diversity of housing options for an area of its size. In Las Cruces, choices range from turn-of-the-century cottages to homes in contemporary, master-planned communities, and a variety of smaller communities just outside the city offer a chance to live closer to nature. You can browse options in Southern New Mexico using the links below.

Apartments and Homes for Rent

Regardless of your budget, Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico have rentals to meet your needs. Apartments and homes for rent can be found across the region, from apartments near the NMSU campus to single family homes on the east side of the city. Use the links below to begin your search.


Downtown & Central Las Cruces

Downtown Las Cruces is home to some of the city’s most historic structures. Today it continues to be an important part of the city as the location of various offices, restaurants, stores, and other local businesses. Just outside Downtown, Central Las Cruces features quaint neighborhoods of historic homes, many within walking distance of the heart of Downtown.

Mesilla & West Las Cruces

Historic Mesilla is among the most picturesque areas in the region. Its narrow streets and adobe structures date back to the mid-19th century and today house an eclectic mixture of stores, galleries, and restaurants. Other parts of West Las Cruces are home to a variety of new and established residential communities with desirable locations in close proximity to both golfing and nature.

NMSU & South Las Cruces

The second largest four-year university in the state, New Mexico State University anchors South Las Cruces. Because of its proximity to the university, the area is home to a large student population and hosts a range of cultural and entertainment offerings associated with the university. Outside of the NMSU area, several established residential neighborhoods are located across South Las Cruces.

East & North Las Cruces

East and North Las Cruces are among the fastest growing areas in the city. The areas are home to commercial centers with many of the city’s shopping and dining offerings. Also in East and North Las Cruces are a variety of new and established residential developments, many of which have views of the Organ Mountains.

Outside Las Cruces

Outside the city limits, many smaller communities are located in Southern New Mexico. Perfect for those seeking additional space or seclusion, the area’s rural and exurban communities often feature spacious properties with sweeping views of the countryside.  

Cd. Juárez

Homes for Sale

A variety of homes for sale can be found across many of Cd. Juárez’s exclusive and secure neighborhoods. Some are new construction that reflects contemporary Mexican style, while others are in centrally-located established neighborhoods with easy access to the city’s cultural and commercial offerings. Use the links below to begin your search.

Apartments and Homes for Rent

Cd. Juárez offers a range of residential properties for rent, from furnished apartments in buildings near the city center to private houses in modern subdivisions on the city’s Northeast side. You can find more detailed information and look into properties using the following links.


Centro Histórico

The Centro Histórico, or Historic Center, of Cd. Juárez is the city’s original neighborhood. The home of historic markets, plazas, churches, and entertainment venues, the Centro Histórico continues to be a center of commercial and cultural activity in Cd. Juárez. A series of recent projects have renovated many of the area’s older buildings and turned large sections of the district into thriving pedestrian corridors.

Zona Pronaf & Surroundings

The Zona Pronaf dates back to the 1960’s when the Mexican government launched the Programa Nacional Fronterizo (ProNaF). The program was implemented to encourage the economic development of Mexican border communities and led to the creation of a modern urban center known as the Zona Pronaf. The area and its surroundings, which lie directly east of the Centro Histórico, are now home to many of the Cd. Juárez’s most important cultural institutions, and also contain a range of commercial and residential properties.

Northeast Cd. Juárez

Northeast Cd. Juárez has been the site of much of the city’s growth in recent years. Today it is the home of some of Cd. Juárez’s premier residential developments, along with a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations. Also located in Northeast Cd. Juárez are many of the factories that make up part of the city’s important manufacturing industry.