Las Cruces, Santa Teresa, and New Mexico Incentives

Las Cruces

Projects creating jobs within the City of Las Cruces in the preferred industry clusters of aerospace, manufacturing, high technology, advanced business and financial services, and value-added food processing and which create above-average wage and salary jobs may qualify for local financial support. Under LEDA, the City of Las Cruces is willing to discuss providing land in the West Mesa Industrial Park to a client in exchange for the direct employment they would bring to the region.   This is the most aggressive community incentive in the state and illustrates Las Cruces’ pro-business enthusiasm.

Activities that qualify for City incentives

  • Manufacturing, processing, or assembly
  • Business in a Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA)
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Non-retail service industries
  • Telecommunications (when majority of sales is outside NM)
  • Direct sales by growers of agricultural products (farmers market or co-op)

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New Mexico Business Incentives by Category

Advanced Manufacturing

Aerospace & Aviation

Back Office & Technical Support

Emerging & Digital Media

Energy & Natural Resources

Logistics, Distribution & Transportation

Value Added Agriculture