Cd. Juárez

Despite an increase in crime several years ago, Cd. Juárez has made incredible progress in improving its safety and security situation. Thanks to a combination of efforts over the last few years, including a drawdown of federal troops and new social programs, violent crime in Cd. Juárez has plummeted. Other types of crime, such as extortion and robbery, have also fallen dramatically since the start of the decade. In fact, the city recorded a lower homicide rate in 2016 than major U.S. cities such as Baltimore, St. Louis, and New Orleans. While it may seem surprising, the homicide rate in Cd. Juárez in 2016 was roughly on par with Kansas City, MO and Memphis, TN.

Thanks to these improvements, Cd. Juárez is now a safe and secure city to live, work, and visit. The Borderplex Alliance works closely with partners across the region to ensure that Cd. Juárez provides the economic opportunities and social programs that will continue to make the city a secure and prosperous place for residents and visitors.

El Paso

El Paso has been consistently been ranked the safest major city in the U.S. and has ranked in the top three since 1997.  In its most recent crime report, the FBI stated that violent crime in the U.S. rose four percent, but dropped seven percent in El Paso and nine percent in Las Cruces.

The City of El Paso Police Department is comprised of over 1,200 law enforcement employees and over 1,000 law enforcement officers or about 17 officers per 10,000 people. Also, the El Paso Sector employs approximately 2,400 Border Patrol Agent positions, six permanent vehicle checkpoints and patrols 268 miles of the US.-Mexico international border. Areas controlled by the U.S. Customs and Border Protections in El Paso include the Borderplex region and the surrounding areas.

Las Cruces

Las Cruces has consistently been ranked as one of the best cities to live, work, relocate and/or retire in the U.S. The violent crime rates have declined steadily since 2010. The Las Cruces Police Department is comprised of a unique and diverse workforce that includes 83 civilian employees and 200 commissioned officers who patrol more than 77 square miles of incorporated city limits. The men and women of the department answer approximately 150,000 calls for service each year and generate roughly 40,000 reports.